Technology that matters

Build technologies that save lives, preserve the past and reduce carbon footprint for a brighter future and many more. Innovate tools that will make the world better. Make it happen with us.

Be Recognised

Be important. Work full time in permanent positions for the client. Have direct contact with clients. Become familiar and earn their trust via open and honest relationship. Get recognized for your efforts.

Amazing people

Work with great people who want to be better than the rest. People who think “outside” the box and focus on quality. Be empowered by skillful and experienced colleagues. Learn, share and progress.

Current opening positions

Workplace for motivated and independent people who value integrity.

Take Ownership

Be in charge. You are not limited by your job title. Go beyond, grab your freedom and explore. Control the whole development. Make decisions. Your success is in your hands.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours. Understanding and supportive management. Annual health check up, family day and company trip with your family. Friday happy breaks. Allowance to take care of your little ones and much more.

Truly International

Join forces with top technology teams around the globe. Thrive in a diverse and open-minded workplace. Opportunities to travel overseas. Learn new things, enrich yourself and innovate.

Increase Job Security

Work full-time for client in a stable position. Forge closer ties, contribute to their success-build long term relationship. Become one of them. Get a sense of belonging. Increase your value with client- your employer.

Respect & Openness

Give and take respect regardless of job-title. We have flat hierarchy,open-door policy and approachable management. Have a voice. Embrace openness and build trust-in a transparent workplace.

Progress further

Enhance your skills. English progression, participate in workshops and conferences. Work Agile. Experience cross-cultural communication and knowledge-transfer. Numerous opportunities to advance- never stop learning.

Why work with Outsourceit

“Even though I have just started with Outsourceit, I can already sense the professionalism and support within the company. I am confident that I can maximise my abilities with Outsourceit” - Rehan Quraishi, Client Service Manager
“I have learnt many things since working at Outsourceit from the CEO. The company allows flexible timing for me which I am grateful for. Also, the working conditions are very comfortable”- Hanh Nguyen, Chief Accountant
“Outsourceit has helped me further my career and knowledge. I have been given simple, effective and clear directions by the CEO in order to progress myself in the field. I also very much enjoy the working environment”- Trinh Truong, Software Engineer & Administrator

Unleash your potential!

We like to work with self-reliant and highly motivated colleagues.
A talented individual who takes initiatives and is open to new ways.
Someone who enjoys the freedom and loves to get involved.
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