Promoting real diversity & global collaboration

Facilitated Work Hub was born on the idea that companies should be able to have employees anywhere in the world and not restricted by whoever living nearby the office. Equally important, is that the potential success and future of any person should not be limited by local job opportunities.

Our goal is to create a more fulfilling way to work. We felt regular software outsourcing and freelancing solutions in general, were making talented individuals into robots, coding after specifications. We want to create real job opportunities for people.

In close partnership with our clients, we employ high calibre tech professionals in Ho Chi Minh City, in permanent and full time positions to work for them.

Client’s developers at our hub in Vietnam, and those working in-house at client’s office, innovate and develop software solutions in unison. Not as an A or B team, but working together as colleagues, as peers. Collectively developing amazing products for long term success. This is real collaboration.

Job Openings

Senior backend .Net architect developer

For our partner Imatis, innovative e-health leader in Norway.
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Konsulent Leder

We are seeking Norwegian Technical leadership at our hub.
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Work with us

Equal & Valuable members

Work together as colleagues with client’s in-house members. Be an equal, just like the client’s in-house members.

Core & Total development

Work with core product development using Agile. Take part in total development process, from idea, design, architecture, test to deployment.

Work united

Develop successful products as one united team, regardless of location. Communicate directly with your international colleagues.

Empowering Culture
Be part of a company where your success is in your hands. Make decisions, find solutions, take ownership without a “boss” telling you what to do. This is a company where people have a safe space to make mistakes, give suggestions and ideas.

Open & Transparent Workplace
Come and experience a sharing culture, flat organisation where everyone is treated with equality and respect. A supportive management which encourages open communication. A healthy and happy workplace based on trust.

Why choose us?

We do not have a boss, rather our boss is our friend, we can discuss and talk freely and openly. If you need more time with your family, please come join us.- Phong, Sr. Fullstack Developer, Aksess Innkjop
I have learnt many things from the CEO. The company allows flexible timing for me which I am grateful for. Also, the working conditions are very comfortable- Hanh, Chief Accountant, Facilitated Work Hub