Expand your talent scope beyond your local area. Outsourceit can help you acquire international workforce.


Cherry pick top talent in Vietnam. These highly experienced individuals work full time, from our office as part of your team. Contributing to your success and becoming a valued member of your business.

Matching your culture

We understand the impact of cultural differences. Through long term and open collaboration, our professionals adapt to your work ethics and mindset.

Achieve stability in your collaboration….

Customized service drawing on advantages of different employment types


Based on your staffing needs, we employ skilled people in full- time permanent positions. We take care of all recruitment and administrative duties in Vietnam, so you can focus on your business.


Staff work full-time as your employee from our office. You decide the salary and are responsible for their work. This long-term perspective helps the staff to build a relationship with you and what you do.

Direct Contact

You have direct contact and communication with your staff. No middle man in Vietnam, paving way for unfiltered and open communication. Work as one.

Agile & Transparency

Using agile you and your staff will interact more. Your staff will get to know you better and you will be involved more. Work done are uploaded onto your server- added benefit of transparency.

Culturally compatible

Closing the cultural gap is key. This is mentored and facilitated in our office by a consultant from your country. Currently all our clients are Norwegian business, thus this function is performed by our Norwegian Technical consultant.

Business growth

As your business grows you may want to build your own entity in Vietnam. If you want to, we will gladly support you every step of the way.

What our clients say …

''Outsourceit has a professional management team that acquired skilled developers and helped us to get a head start. We experienced great productivity after 1-2 months!''- Espen Semb, R&D Manager, Imatis As
''Outsourceit have provided a developer with great strength in XML transformation and general programming''- Geir Fuhre Pettersen, R&D Manager, Conexus As
''I would like to thank our developer for his great contributions to the various projects he has been working on''- Marius Seglsten, Lead Developer, Vega SMB As
''Outsourceit enabled small firms like us to acquire top-notch developers.''- Einar Tyldum, Senior Developer, Hogia Unitech As
33 years
Age (mean)
11 years
Experience (mean)



Here are our answers to most asked questions.

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Salary in Vietnam

Salary in Vietnam

Check out Vietnam Salary guide 2016, from Adecco Vietnam.

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Our Brochure

Our Brochure

Take a look at our company brochure and find how our solution can optimise your business:

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